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Weekly wrap-up 7 May 2017

The AAADPP aims to provide weekly updates on news, the campaign, information from the Department of Planning, and correspondence with our local members of parliament and associated ministers. This week, we provided an update on Where we are – and where we are going, outlining what will be happening next in the planning assessment process, what […]

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Where we are – and where we are going

So what now?  Well, the AAADPP is not sitting idly by waiting for the powers that be to make decisions that will affect our lives, families, homes and communities. In summary, here is where we are and where we go next.   EXHIBITION PERIOD CLOSED Public submissions have been lodged. However, the AAADPP has continued […]

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Investors’ massive appetite for green community solar generation

ABC News reports on the massive appetite for community-funded renewable energy and interest from investors.  Investors “pitch in” for solar panel installations on top of small businesses or organisations. “The company Bakers Maison will pay investors for the solar energy it uses over a period of between seven to 10 years. The investors get a […]

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