My name is Kathy.

We moved to the district six years ago, after the Queensland floods we were located between Toowoomba and Ipswich give or take, I was employed by an Ipswich real estate company and saw and felt so many sad things during that time, we felt we needed a change. After renting a place in Gunning which was on the sales market (drove us nuts), we had the opportunity to rent a historical house in the heart of Dalton. Well for Bruce and I there was no other place to be,┬áhe having lived on a family farm for 43 years of his life, Dalton became our home. We had the opportunity to purchase a block with fantastic family history within the township (title deeds back to 1865, awesome knowing the relatives connected with the town’s history) we were overjoyed to be allowed to do so. The clean air, the nights around a pit telling tales, nature, the family connections hell I could write a list a mile long as to why we want stay here. Most of all because of the community, accepting of strangers, are downright friendly and caring.

I drive home from work and reflect on many things. Today I drove through the roadworks on the Gundaroo Road and it went through my mind, these are the people that I know doing this job and a great one at that, for the most part they live close to us, it made me feel proud. Knowing these hard-working honest folk, but at the same time a sadness crept in, what was going to happen to all of these people, how were they feeling and what was going through their minds (told ya a lot of time to think).

Then you get to Gunning and you sense the family aura, a quiet village at the most but one with families who have all created a special place.

The minute I hit the Dalton rail bridge I relax and feel I am heading home, up to a week and half a go that is, the sense of excitement and feeling of finally being safe, after many years of seeking our secure home. This has all changed since we heard of this AGL greedy grab of sucking peoples lifestyles, souls and future happiness. We love Dalton and the community, hard, honest working folk who know how to laugh, party but most of all have each other’s backs. We have approx one more month until our new home is ready, now the excitement is not so much there but a feeling of what now.

Dalton is united in this fight as well as other communities surrounding us, we have made many new friends and lifetime bonds, which will never go away. I thank all of these people for the laughs and caring. I am tired of feeling down and admit to many a tear lately. Guess what AGL we are coming to bite you on the proverbial, you are not getting your greedy, sly filthy mitts on our town. WE STAND UNITED AND WE HAVE THE FACTS. Stay the good fight friends, we have your back.