Hi my name is Kahlie and I have lived in Dalton for all of my life which is pretty much 19 years.
I have grown up knowing and living the country life and what it has to offer, and honestly it is the best thing I will ever have to experience!! I love the country so much I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I mean why would I want to trade this community, the peace, the beautiful landscapes, wildlife, my family, my future plans for my home and my WHOLE LIFE for just some GAS POWER PLANT that will continue to destroy our towns and communities. NO WAY IS THAT HAPPENING!!
I am currently studying a Diploma of Horse Industry Management as part of my future plans. I aim to train horses and open up a riding school to cater for the disabled. BUT knowing that AGL has come back again, it has fired up my anger and I am ready to FIGHT. This is MY FUTURE they are aiming to kill.
Living in Dalton everyone knows about the impacts on what it has to do with land degradation, land property values, the nature reserves, noise corruption, impact of stock, impact of feed, impact of oxygen levels, and one big factor earthquakes and tremors?? and many others. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE IMPACT ON HEALTH FOR THE DISABLED? They are already limited to what health they have, so wouldn’t this just destroy them completely?
I am completely worried what my future holds. Dalton will always be home, and our communities will always be my family. SO LET’S ALL JOIN TOGETHER AND FIGHT THIS BATTLE TO STOP AGL!!