My name is Julie and I have lived and worked in Dalton for past 10 years.
I moved to Dalton for a quiet more relaxed lifestyle and to return to my country roots. Since moving here, I enjoy working in my vegetable garden and studio without interruption of anything other than nature itself – surrounded by open fields and plentiful birdlife with the odd welcome visit from goannas, echidnas, kangaroos etc. I consider this my reward for living and working in a city environment for 40 plus years.
I am saddened and angry by the thought that my idyllic lifestyle might be disrupted forever if AGL succeed with their push to run roughshod over our community’s wishes and build a power station next to our town. Quite aside from the devaluation of property investment in this area, if this plant were to go ahead, my rural outlook would be spoiled by seeing plant stacks from my house – something pretty hard to stomach! I feel that the generated noise, vibration, and emissions from this plant will have detrimental and ongoing effects on our air quality and certainly place unnecessary stress on the health of townspeople, native flora and fauna.
Our town, recently bolstered by a small influx of new families, has been quietly emerging and rekindling its sense of town pride with at least half the townsfolk involved in tree-planting and refurbishment of Oolong Creek (a newly identified habitat of the southern pigmy perch), which runs through town. Also, this same town pride has been instrumental in getting the town hall up and running again. I envisage that the fruition of AGL’S proposed project would certainly see people move or any future residents reconsider Dalton as a place to live, and damage the town’s spirit.
I am gobsmacked that the site for a power station would even be considered in the “earthquake centre” of NSW. Yes, we have many earthquakes here, the local buildings bear witness to this, cracked windows and brickwork in the majority of town buildings, so I can’t perceive what instability that would create for such a large installation like a power plant.
In the current age of technological advance, I urge AGL to look more carefully towards a sustained energy future for all, and if that still means a power plant needs to built, then find some non-populated space that has little or better still no impact on people’s lives and the surrounding environment and put it there!