My name is Lisa I have lived in Dalton for couple of years now, honestly feels like home to me, Dalton is a peaceful bright town to live in. I love how lovely the people are in this town and I love living where I am with my partner Jamie on Wayne and Karen’s farm, Jamie’s parents. Years ago when I was a young teen me and friends went horse riding up in the Dalton hills (Dalton park) is the best place to go for trial rides with a lovely bright view of our lovely town. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. When I first came through Dalton I thought there was nothing in this town. It’s more then nothing, the community spirit is nothing I have seen before. I love waking up and going outside to the smell of fresh air and to see my horses enjoying grazing on the grass or their breakfast each morning. I’m very grateful for where I am and all I have right now 🙂
I grew up in Gunning on my stepdad’s farm with my Mum living the country way. The gas power plant would destroy the country free living and destroy the land and stock and of course us humans!
I spend most my days outside in the heat and cold with my horses with breaking them to saddle or retraining them.
I hope Dalton has a positive future ahead for us all and the next generation. We will all stand together and fight this battle till we win once and for all!!!