Submissions Flood in On Power Plant” Goulburn Post 21 April 2017

The community raised a number of issues in regards to the proposed extension, including a lack of community consultation by AGL, the need for a new environmental assessment, the effect on local farms, ongoing uncertainty, and economic impacts to the community which have changed since the project was approved in 2012,” executive director for resource assessments, David Kitto said.


Yass Tribune April 21, 2017

Residents of Dalton and Gunning were horrified to learn recently of AGL’s proposal to construct a 1,000 MW gas-fired power station just 4km from Dalton. The NSW government had waived an approval for the project back in 2012, but AGL publicly shelved it the same year and stopped communicating with residents.


“AGL Not So Popular In Dalton” – Goulburn Post April 21, 2017

Upper Lachlan Shire Council will formally object to AGL’s bid for a two-year extension on its development application to build a gas-fired power station at Dalton.


Power Company Faces Hostile Dalton Crowd” – Goulburn Post April 6, 2017

Residents have been vocal in their opposition to the company’s plans for a gas-fired power station, 4km from the village. It would be located on a 573-hectare site off Walsh’s Road. They’ve already held one well-attended meeting and on Wednesday they again turned out en masse for the AGL forum.


Politicians Speak Out About Gas Fired Power Station – Goulburn Post 4 April, 2017

Goulburn MP Pru Goward said the community was “overwhelmingly against” the modification application. “I support the community and after consultation with community spokespeople, am not convinced of the merits of this proposed extension,” she said.