Links Australia aims to rapidly end fossil fuels by building a global climate movement.


Dirty AGL

AGL wants us to believe that it is a clean and green company. Its website is full of images of shiny solar panels and wind turbines and the CEO tours the globe talking about climate action. In fact, it is neck deep in the dirty energy business.


Climate Council – Pollution & Price The Cost of Investing in Gas

This report investigates the role of gas as Australia transitions its electricity sector to net zero emissions before 2050.


NSW Planning statement regarding AGL Undisclosed Political Donations Case

AGL was found guilty and fined $124,000 for failing to disclose political donations when making planning applications, including their plans for a massive industrial gas-fired power plant at Dalton.


NSW Case law on AGL’s guilty verdict 

Read the Case, including the guilty verdict and penalties imposed on AGL for their undisclosed political donations in planning applications.


AGL Dalton Community Matters Q&A Spin Sheet

AGL’s responses to questions asked of them during their “Community information” session on 5 April 2017.

View the video of the meeting here