Earthquake zone

As detailed by Geoscience Australia, the Dalton-Gunning region of New South Wales (34.535.0°S, 148.5149.5°E) is one of the more seismically active areas in Australia. Reports of felt earthquakes occurred there in 1888, 1934 and 1984. Magnitudes of 5.3, 5.6 and 4.4 were computed from the radius of perceptibility of each earthquake.

The Australian Earthquake Engineering Society notes in The geological context of six earthquake groups in Central Western NSW that: “The most recent earthquake hazard map of Australia (Burbidge, 2012) shows two areas of high hazard in the southeast of the region, just north of Canberra, and also near Young (Figure 2). The region has been the locus of several of NSW’s largest earthquakes, including the M 5.6 Dalton events of 1934 and 1949 (McCue et al., 1989).”