ALG Withdraws Extension application! Dalton community rejoices.

So Great news on Friday. AGL have finally relented and are withdrawing their Modification of extension.

While they have not left Our community entirely with the withdraw the current battle against this massive industrial Gas Fired Power Plant at picturesque Rural Dalton has ended with a win for sanity and our Community.

We would like to thank all who have supported us in this battle and we hope that now AGL will leave our little community alone.


Please read AGL’s email notification to us below

As you are well aware, the Dalton community has raised significant concerns about the Part 3A process which led to the approval of this project and the modification for an extension of time made in March 2017. These concerns included environmental issues, visual impact, AGL’s lack of social license, integrity and approach with the community, as well as the financial losses caused to Dalton residents who invested in property assuming AGL had decided not to proceed with the project.

In response to the Dalton community’s concerns, AGL has decided to withdraw its modification application. We will take a step back and conduct a search for the most suitable site for this project, which may be at Dalton or may be at an alternative site in New South Wales.

As I have mentioned before, recently AGL has been trying to take a different approach in its engagement with the Dalton community. However, AGL recognises that this change of approach is still not likely to result in the Dalton community stopping its opposition to the proposed power station nor is it likely to resolve or address the community’s concerns.

This now means that AGL will only be able to build a new peaking plant at Dalton (or any other alternative NSW site) if we lodge a completely new application under the provisions of the latest/current planning process and that the new application is approved. This will not occur until we have conducted a full review to identify the most appropriate site for a gas fired peaking power station in NSW.

Assessed purely against technical criteria, the Dalton site is good. It is a large enough site and is very close to main electricity and gas distribution networks. We understand, however, that it is not acceptable that AGL has put the Dalton community off-side.

Unfortunately, we cannot yet offer certainty on whether or not a new proposal will go ahead at Dalton or even when we can make the decision.

Building a peaking plant is still necessary and important to underpin electricity security in New South Wales and nationally. AGL is currently undertaking a review to find the most appropriate site. The search for the most appropriate site will take some time.

Whichever way the decision goes, we want to achieve the best possible outcome for the Dalton community. Until the decision is made, we would like to continue to engage with the Dalton community so that we can hear and understand their wishes and negotiate an outcome that works for both sides, if that is possible. If it turns out that we do not build the peaking plant here, AGL would prefer to leave Dalton on the best possible terms with the residents of Dalton and surrounding areas.

We would like to work with the Dalton community to see how we might achieve this. The community might doubt our sincerity in saying this, but as well as generating electricity, AGL is an energy retailer and we value our reputation and our relationship with our neighbours and customers.

We will communicate with Leslie directly and, following that, with other community members that have been in contact with us recently or (where we have contact details) with people who submitted an objection to the modification application.

I am on annual leave at the moment and will only have reliable email access for the next 24 hours or so. If have any queries or would like to discuss this decision please don’t hesitate in contacting Alex Fitzpatrick, who is copied in to this email.

Kind regards