Weekly update 20/8/2017

A busy week with a few submissions and letters sent.
Firstly a response to the Planning Minister, Hon. Anthony Roberts, regarding some concerning assertions that made on his behalf that the DP&E might “redraft” the consent conditions to accommodate AGL’s shortcomings in its compliance. This is outrageous and we are seeking to ensure that AGL will be held accountable to comply with the conditions as they were laid down by the Planning Assessment Commission.
We have also revisited the Traffic Management Plan and Transport Impact Assessment in light of the declaration by AGL in the MOD 1 Application that the project will create “500 Full Time Equivalent” jobs. If this was true, it would change the classification (“Level of Service”) of all of the roads along the proposed transport route. If it isn’t true (which we suspect is the case), AGL has lied (again) about a material fact that clearly influences the assessment of the DPP. Either AGL has lied about the employment numbers and socio-economic benefits of the DPP, or the Traffic Assessment is completely invalid and needs to undertaken again. The traffic assessment should have been required to be re-done anyway, given the significant changes in our population numbers and demographics since the traffic monitoring and assessment was conducted in 2009!! 8 years ago… We will keep pushing this point. So many lies…
We have also been hassling to get AGL to disclose the location of the (FA turbines (the turbines proposed for the DPP). In a meeting with the PAC in 2012, AGL declared that the 9FA were “proven technology in Australa”, having been used here since “the 1990’s”. We have been unable to find any in Australia. We have requested this info from Government departments but have not received a respponse. So we have asked AGL to furnish with this information to prove that it did not lie to the PAC and influence the PAC’s determination with untruths. We received an automated reply to this email… In 5 working days from Thursday, we hope to have an answer.
The other news is that Dianne Knott has left AGL. We would love to know the circumstances of her departure, but in the absence of detail will assume that she just grew a conscience. Our new contact is “Alex” who has neither a surname nor a job title – he/she may just be the name they have given the automated response program.
No news from DP&E. AGL still “reviewing submissions”, so if there has been a submissions response, it wasn’t adequate. We know it will never be adequate and hope that the DP&E will continue to push AGL to address the issues in the submissions we put in during the “exhibition” period as well as those we continue to send…
Stay tuned….