Weekly update 30/7/2017

All quiet from AGL again this week. Neither the Submissions Response not the promised meetingĀ  notification have yet materialised.

Still no formal response either from the DP&E to our request (some time ago) for clarification of the status of the DPP post the July 19 lapse of the original conditional approval.

The Photon Energy Community Meeting provided an interesting juxtaposition to AGL’s approach to “consultation”. The Photon reps were surprised by the numbers in attendance and perhaps a little underprepared for the degree of detail the community sought. However, at this very early stage, they seem keen to not put the community off side by repeating the mistakes AGL continues to make. We hope that affected residents will be treated with respect that their concerns will be adequately addressed.

Meanwhile, we wait to hear from AGL. Hopefully they will be to tell us that it is abandoning the folly that is the DPP and letting us get back to our lives…!!