Weekly update 23/7/2017

On Wednesday July 19, AGL’s conditional approval to commence the Dalton Power Project lapsed. AGL no longer has consent to do anything with respect to the development.



However, AGL’s “Extension of Lapse Date” MOD 1 Application remains alive. Between now and the PAC’s determination of the application, AGL don’t have project approval. We hope it remains that way after that final decision.


We have still not received clarification sought from DP&E regarding the status of the DPP post-July 19, nor have we received the promised formal response from DP&E Compliance regarding AGL’s failure to comply with the DPP Conditions of Consent. We are following up on these and other legal and procedural uncertainties.


Despite the “approval void” in which AGL now finds itself, the company is still indicating that it will hold another Community Meeting. It seems a bit pointless and a waste of our precious time to subject ourselves to more “spin”, either about a Project if it has no approval to build or some possible future alternative project which it has not defined.


We have made it clear to AGL that if it does want to hold another meeting, that meeting must be held in Dalton, despite the company’s representatives being “uncomfortable” here. We have also made it clear that we don’t really have any need to meet with them until the DP&E has deemed the AGL Submissions Response to be adequate. We don’t need to hear more spin and AGL has 400 submissions before it and doesn’t need more information about how we feel. Once we have seen the Submissions Response, we can decide whether there is any point in attending any meeting that AGL might call.


We have also had discussions this week with Kathy Jones and Associates regarding the proposed Consultative Committee. These discussions also involve DP&E and we hope that we will continue to be part of that ongoing conversation.