Weekly update 16/07/2017

The big development this week was the “Clash of the Meetings”.  Pru Goward’s letter, which a number of us received, informed us of AGL’s intention to hold a “Dalton Power Project Community Engagement Activity”, in GUNNING on the evening of July 26. The same evening as Photon Energy will be holding its Community Meeting with respect to the proposed Gunning Solar Farm.


Immediate questions arising from that development were; Why is AGL announcing its planned meeting indirectly through Pru and not directly to us? How does Pru know about it anyway? What backroom discussions are being held with AGL that we are not privy to? Clearly, AGL has far greater access to and influence over our politicians than we do. Pru has a long standing relationship with Tony Chappel.


Anyway, AGL acknowledged their lack of awareness of what else is happening in our communities and their failure to properly notify us about their intended meeting. AGL has therefore postponed its meeting. Until when, who knows? But we will ensure that it is in Dalton. We have also made it clear that unless and until its “Submissions Response” is accepted by DP&E as being adequate and has been published and disseminated, we have little if anything to discuss with them.


So July 26 remains the date for the Photon Energy meeting. We can only hope that Photon has learnt from AGL how not to do “consultation and engagement”.