Weekly update 9/7/20017

It has been a busy week…

On Tuesday, we hosted Mike Young and Paul Freeman from the DP&E for their Dalton site visit. We appreciate having been given the opportunity to speak directly with them and to show them the around. Yass Real Estate Principal Michael Gray joined us for preliminary discussions before we went on a tour.

We visited a number of closely affected residents, both new residents and those with links going back generations. We are pleased that Mike and Paul were able to see for themselves the proximity of this proposed facility to our town and our properties and to better understand our concerns in that context.

The visit to the top of the hill in the Lachlan Hills Estate provided an awesome bird’s-eye view of the DPP site, the closeness of neighbours and the Dalton village and the “confined-space” topography of the valley. Thanks Glenn and Donna.

After a quick tour around and through town, pointing out all of the new house builds and reno’s, we had very little time left. We managed to hold them up for another 30 minutes or so and had the chance to discuss a couple of issues. We have been following up these, and other undiscussed issues, with submissions and correspondence seeking further clarification.

We’d have liked a bit more time, but we sincerely appreciate the fact that we received a site-visit. We hope that we were able to present the best possible case for our cause in the time permitted. If the DP&E recommends that the MOD1 be approved, after having been treated to Adrienne Bollom’s scones with jam and cream, we will know that there is no hope for humanity…