Weekly update 02/02/2017

It has been a big week. We have got some attention through the media and have had our concerns regarding the establishment of the Consultative Committee (DPPCCC) acknowledged.

This week an article was published on the RiotACT, an ACT community news site. The article, written by  John Thistleton, discussed AGL’s plans to build the Southern Hemisphere’s largest gas peaking power plant just outside of the ACT. The article questioned the ACT Government’s relationship with AGL (ActewAGL), given that the ACT Government has a commitment to use100 % renewable energy by 2020 and has also divested from all interests in fossil-fuel related enterprises, including AGL.

The article generated a lot of discussion and a significant number of visits/views by the public.  It also provided the local Dalton/Gunning communities with the opportunity to raise concerns that relate to the ACT’s complicity in AGL’s plans for a massive industrial gas-fired power plant on Canberra’s doorstep. These concerns included:



The environmental threat

Damage to the community structure, and

The expected financial Impact to our families and businesses.

The article has helped raise the profile of our fight against this unnecessary and ill-conceived proposal. It can be found at https://the-riotact.com/canberra-disowns-dirty-little-secret-at-daltonWe encourage you to keep the conversation alive by continuing to comment on the article.

We also received confirmation this week that our concerns about the establishment and composition of the proposed DPPCCC have been acknowledged. To date, we have not received clarification of the issues we have raised. We are awaiting a formal response from DP&E Compliance with respect to AGL’s failure to comply with a number of the conditions of the original consent for which it is currently seeking an extension of time. We will be discussing these matters in more detail with the DP&E during our meeting this week. We are pleased that our concerns were heard and that the arbitrary time frame imposed on us for nominations has been extended to allow us the opportunity to have our questions answered.
AGL are preempting the DP&E’s agreement as to the adequacy of its response to our submissions. It is suggesting that this will occur very soon: before the end of the month. AGL has said that it will be holding another Community Engagement Activity at the end of July. We are not sure why. We have no reason to believe that we will be any more enlightened by our attending. But we will see what transpires between now and then…
Stay posted. There are a few things going on. Even the NSW Minister for Energy seems to be realising what is happening in the real world http://reneweconomy.com.au/nsw-coalition-time-move-notion-baseload-82181/#sthash.wC72DsYZ.gbpl.
This isn’t over yet…