Weekly update 18 June 2017

Very quiet week for the AAADPP and nothing heard but crickets.

The AAADPP have floated the idea of a community meeting to discuss our participation in the proposed Dalton Power Project Community Consultative Committee (DPPCCC).

This has not yet been organised, as we are still waiting on responses from both the Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E) and the DPPCCC Chair, Kathy Jones, in regards to the terms of reference, non-compliance of AGL in regards to consultation so far and what the formation of the DPPCCC means.

The DP&E and Kathy Jones are fully aware of our community organisation, our position and the fact that any DPPCCC formed without our participation will have no credibility.

Once this information is received, we will announce a meeting for the community to discuss this issue, and based on the outcome, respond to DP&E and the DPPCCC Chair.