NSW DP&E sets up Community Consultative Committee

This week there has been a lot happening and we would like to provide a short update.

In the past week, community members have received letters about the DCCC (Dalton Community Consultative Committee), and a telephone survey by AGL asking our views on the power station (one would think they would be aware after reading almost 400 submissions opposing it). These were followed up by an intrusive, disruptive doorknock in Dalton that has done nothing except harass, stress and annoy an already frustrated community.

In regards to the Community Consultative Committee and representation on it, the AAADPP have spoken to both the DP&E and the independent chair, Kathy Jones, regarding the community’s disappointment at its formation at such a late stage of the original approval, and how we believe that it is unwarranted at this point. There is nothing to consult the community about regarding the original proposal, and there is no approval yet of the MOD1 application.

The establishment of the DCCC was a condition of the consent AGL received in 2012. It didn’t happen then. But it has now been visited upon us. The DP&E media release and our conversations with them indicate that the establishment of the DCCC was driven by DP&E.  The intentions were ostensibly altruistic – we complained about the lack of consultation, so DP&E wanted to make AGL consult. The problem is that we don’t want or need it now. It is too late. The damage has been done.

This is said in the interests of being non-obstructionist and working in good faith with the DP&E and the independent chair. The AAADPP has commenced discussions with Kathy Jones regarding our possible representation on the Community Consultative Committee and have asked to meet her to discuss the issues as we see them.

We are seeking clarification of issues such as the selection of community representatives, the terms of reference, reporting and feedback from the DCCC to the DP&E, and the implications of our participation, or otherwise, on the question of AGL’s non-compliance with the consent condition of “consultation”.

We are conscious of the implications of refusing to participate at this stage. It could appear that we are not interested. AGL could stack the DCCC with compliant persons. However, we believe that if we communicate our objections and our position effectively, it will be clear that any DCCC established without “our” participation therein will have no credibility.
We will not allow AGL to “tick the box”.
At this time, we have not put forward any nominations to the Community Consultative Committee, but reserve our right to do so as the organisation representing the local Dalton and Gunning communities.