Angus Taylor writes to AGL’s Andrew Vesey

As promised during his visit to the Dalton Royal Hotel in May, Angus Taylor has written to AGL’s Andrew Vesey to voice his objections to AGL’s massive industrial gas-fired power plant in picturesque rural Dalton.

Angus outlined the significant changes in the immediate community surrounding AGL’s land, including a 17% growth in registered enrolments in the past 5 years.

He also explained his belief in the non-viability of the project:

“It is hard to see how market conditions are conducive to such a project. As you know, network electricity demand growth has been sluggish in recent years. Meanwhile, gas generation fell by 10% (or 3.7 terawatt hours) in 2016 compared with the previous year, according to AEMO. Sharp increases in domestic gas prices are further threatening the viability of new gas fired generation projects, despite increases in wholesale electricity prices.”

Angus then pointed out that:

“An extension to this approval risks tormenting the community, causing undue stress and anxiety, without any compensatory economic benefits.”

The AAADPP thanks Angus for his support, and for the strong words identifying the harm that this proposal is inflicting on our quiet, peaceful, rural communities.