Weekly wrap-up 28 May 2017

A quiet week as we continue to wait for AGL to respond to the approximately 400 submissions to their self-admitted insurance policy, also known as MOD1 extension of time.

We saw in the news this week a push for incentives for household storage and an article noting that our area is becoming the “renewable energy capital” of NSW.

Some other news this week:

Managing demand can save two power stations’ worth of energy at peak times

The Conversation discusses how demand management has largely been ignored in the current energy supply debate. They have estimated a potential 10% saving, which is 3.8 gigawatts or 2 Hazelwood power stations’ worth. That is 5 times the Stage 1 capacity of AGL’s massive industrial gas-fired power plant proposed for Dalton.

BlackRock says coal is dead as it eyes renewable power splurge 

Australia is “denying gravity” by continuing to encourage coal investments because renewable energy is now competing “head to head” with coal on cost, says the global head of BlackRock’s infrastructure investment group.

Customers suffer as electricity regulation falls apart and Electricity prices to increase $3b for NSW consumers 

A number of new articles this week discuss the decision of the Federal Court under the Limited Merits Review (LMR) process that will add $3 billion to NSW consumer electricity prices for “gold plating” the power infrastructure in the state.

AEMO receiving 1,000 enquiries for wind and solar projects a month

The AEMO has reported seeing a 50-fold increase in wind and solar project requests recently.

“We used to see around 20 a month, now we are seeing 1,000 requests a month,” new CEO Audrey Zibelman said in testimony to a parliamentary committee on the modernisation of Australia’s electricity grid in Canberra on Friday.