Angus and Pru

Today we have provided Angus with information that he requested in discussions during his visit to the Dalton Pub on Saturday.

These details will help Angus to formulate the correspondence he has undertaken to send to AGL, NSW Department of Planning, PAC and the relevant NSW Ministers regarding his, and our, objections to the Dalton Power Project.

He will also raise these matters in media interviews that he will be conducting in the next week or so. This information includes data on property sales, builds etc that will be affected by this proposal; a brief on the discredited and repealed Part 3A NSW planning laws under which AGL are lodging their “Modification” application;  and information regarding AGL’s failure to comply with their consent conditions in regards to weather monitoring and the impacts of this on noise propagation and pollution dispersion.

We have also requested information and reference material that Angus discussed on Saturday regarding what he believes is the viability of gas-fired peaking plants.

We also had a response from Pru Goward’s office regarding the letter she wrote to the Planning Minister, Anthony Roberts, along with some letters that she was requested to send to other ministers.  The information received was that a standard response time from a minister is generally 6-8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the issue, and I have known them to take longer. However, they added that:
“Irrespective of this, I can assure you that our office is doing everything we can in order to get a response sooner for you and all other constituents that have written to us on the matter.”

We take this opportunity to again thank Angus and Pru for their continued support in fighting against AGL’s massive industrial gas-fired power plant in the heart of our picturesque rural communities.