Some news articles to pass the time

Renewable energy investment in Australia hits a record high

Good news from Energy matters, who reported the great news that:

“Large-scale renewable energy investment in 2016 was five times greater than 2015.”

They also mentioned that 2.6 million small-scale renewable systems have been installed, which is almost 15% of Australian homes. Imagine the generation if we boosted that to 50%!

Macquarie Group hastens drive to renewable energy

Macquarie Group has ramped up its global investment in renewables and warned that Australia needs to step up.

“In Australia, the green energy levels are slower than in Europe but we are seeing evidence of that picking up.”

There is a thirst from the investment sector, both large and small, for renewable projects. So why are we still talking about GAS?

Some folks in Goulburn just decided to go it on their own:

Goulburn Solar Farm gets go ahead

“Goulburn Mulwaree Council has approved the DA for a 1.2-MW solar farm on a 2.5-ha site off Bridge St, between Sydney Rd and the railway line in North Goulburn.”