Where we are – and where we are going

So what now?  Well, the AAADPP is not sitting idly by waiting for the powers that be to make decisions that will affect our lives, families, homes and communities.

In summary, here is where we are and where we go next.



Public submissions have been lodged. However, the AAADPP has continued to lodge further detailed submissions, due to AGL only making weather-monitoring data available on the evening of 13 April 2017, after public submissions had closed. This was required to be made publicly available 12 months after the DPP approval – which was approximately 4 years ago.  More on this later!



The Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E) require AGL to prepare a “Submissions Response Report”, in which they will be required to provide an “adequate” response to the submissions lodged. Due to the almost 400 submissions received by the DP&E, it is expected that AGL will be busy responding to each item raised in each and every submission lodged.




The DP&E will assess the response from AGL, and once the Report is deemed adequate, will make their decision.



This decision, however, will be merely a recommendation. Because of political donations made by AGL, the Minister has delegated his powers to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC), who will be the final decision-maker for the DPP MOD1 Application.


PAC MEETING – final opportunity for voices to be heard

Due to the overwhelming number of submissions lodged, and the fact that the Upper Lachlan Shire Council lodged an objection submission, the PAC will hold a public meeting prior to making its determination.


The AAADPP hopes that this meeting is held in Gunning, and we are making representations to the DP&E and PAC to secure this outcome. During the assessment of the original DPP application, we secured a PAC public meeting in Gunning. This was an important final opportunity to air our concerns, and contributed to us obtaining the strict consent conditions that are attached to the DPP approval.



We party, or plan the protest….



The AAADPP has set up this website to help inform, communicate and gather support for our opposition to AGL’s massive industrial gas-fired power plant.

The AAADPP is continuing to lobby our local representative, former Planning Minister Pru Goward, and the relevant Ministers directly. Their particular focus is on the imminent repeal of the Part 3A transitional provisions under which the DPP continues to be assessed.



Anyone who lodged a submission is able to address the PAC panel at the meeting. As we will only get 2 weeks’ notice of the PAC Public Meeting date, it is imperative to start preparing your addresses, keep your eye out for the notification and lodge your intention to speak. As soon as we become aware of the date, we will inform you via the Facebook page and this blog.

Please subscribe via the subscription section to the right.

This will be our final opportunity to have our voices, our objections, heard.


Please keep up your correspondence with Pru. There are only 20 months until the next election. Skinny margins, and a 19% swing away from Pru and a 7% margin in 2015… It can only help our campaign if you make it clear that her action (or inaction) will be a factor in your future voting decisions.

Send letters to Ministers (addresses on the website). Keep making noise. Nothing will happen if you do not. AAADPP is just one voice.



If you are concerned, voice it.