AGL to truck LNG to Dalton?

Pru Goward has raised the possibility of AGL trucking LNG to Dalton to store and use to run their massive industrial gas-fired power plant.

Without any consultation with the local communities of Dalton and Gunning, AGL have discussed with Pru Goward the use of trucked LNG at the Dalton plant. Pru has raised this as a concern in her submission objecting to AGL’s “insurance policy” MOD1 extension application.

“I understand from discussions with the proponent that instead of gas sourced from the pipeline, they are now planning to use LNG fuel at the Dalton plant.” page 3 The-Hon-Pru-Goward-MLA-Submission

Once again AGL has FAILED in its responsibility of community consultation. They did not even mention this new plan at the community meeting they held on 5 April 2017 (see the Video here). In fact, they explicitly state on their AGL Dalton Community Matters Q&A Spin Sheet, under “Infrastructure”, that no gas will be stored on site and that it will be drawn from the pipeline.

The use of trucked LNG will change AGL’s traffic management plan, adding to noise, dust pollution, and damage to our local roads, which will affect local business and tourism. It is also a potential hazard, because the LNG would be stored at a site based in a seismically active areaThis is the original issue raised by the community regarding the safety of the 40-year-old pipeline.

Members of the AAADPP have approached Pru to immediately discuss this issue with AGL and seek clarification.

Pru has requested that the Department of Planning seek clarification on the matter.