AAADPP Government representation

The AAADPP would like to acknowledge the support of our local members, the Hon Pru Goward MP (NSW State Government) and the Hon Angus Taylor MP (Federal Government). We are encouraged by their support, including Pru Goward’s submission to the Department of Planning opposing AGL’s massive industrial gas-fired power plant.

We would like to encourage Pru to support The Minister for Planning, Rob Stokes’ announcement in January 2017 to terminate the transitional Part 3A arrangements that are allowing AGL to lodge an extension to their soon-to-expire DA “as a insurance policy”, as AGL admitted in a community meeting at Dalton in March this year.

As there seems to have been no movement in the past 4 months since the Minister’s announcement, the AAADPP asks Pru to champion this reform and push for not only its introduction, but also to have the ‘2 month’ grace period removed. We believe the 6 years of grace already extended to developers such as AGL is more than sufficient.

Pru has also agreed to represent us to the ministers in the NSW Government by presenting letters that the community writes and forwards to her office. The AAADPP encourages concerned citizens to write to Pru and the various ministers, including:

  • Anthony Roberts, Minister for Planning
  • Don Harwin, Minister for Resources, Minister for Energy and Utilities
  • Gabrielle Upton, Minister for the Environment.

Letters can be sent to Pru’s Electorate Office:

PO Box 168 Goulburn NSW 2580 or email to