CSIRO and Energy Networks Australia release emissions-free future roadmap

On Friday 28 April, Energy Networks Australia and the CSIRO released a report laying out a road map for an emissions-free future by 2050.
Identified in the report is the need for 25 large-scale solar or wind farms in the next 5 years to replace coal-fired power stations.
Small, home-based battery storage as well as large-scale grid storage was also identified as a playing a potential key role in stabilising the grid.
“CSIRO chief economist Paul Graham said that could include rewarding people for using their batteries during times of peak demand.
‘If you could turn your battery on at that time, that might save the grid some costs. That is the sort of signal we need,’ he said. ‘You could see very large-scale, grid-connected batteries playing a role as we are looking at in some parts of South Australia. But you will also see this mass-market, take-up of residential and small customer battery storage.’
He predicted there would be 760,000 residential batteries in Queensland by 2030 and over 2 million by 2050.”